Introducing Your New Favorite Holiday Tradition!

Boxes of Assorted Chocolates

Delight in giving and receiving our gorgeous holiday truffle boxes featuring our favorite flavors in eye-catching keepsake boxes just in time for holiday celebrations. Our hand and freshly made chocolate truffles are the most delectable and exquisite confections are made by our gifted Master Chocolatier, Chef Christophe Toury.

Boxes of assorted Chocolates are available in a variety of sizes for everyone on your list. Choose from 5-piece, 8-piece, 9-piece, 16-piece, 18-piece and even 36-piece boxes. Inside you'll find flavors like peanut butter pop-rocks, coffee, praline, crème brûlée, raspberry, basil yuzu, marc de champagne, chai and caramel fleur de sel.

Our holiday truffle gift boxes are simply the most delicious and easiest way to treat the loved ones on your list. They are also the perfect corporate gift! Show your clients you appreciate their business through hand-crafted chocolates.

Place our order by December 12 for guaranteed delivery or pick-up at our store and pop-ups before December 24. For Special orders please contact:

Share the Voilà Chocolat holiday spirit by forwarding this email and liking us on Facebook.

Wishing you and yours a lot of chocolate happiness this holiday season!



The Voila Chocolat Pop-Up Shop is now open! Find us at The Roger Smith Hotel just two blocks from Grand Central Station. Stop by today, snap a pic and tag us in your post! Let's get social - use #PopUpChocolate.

Tap 125 East 47th Street, New York City, NY into your phone's map app and go!

Pop-Up Hours
11 AM - 8 PM Monday - Friday
11 AM - 6 PM on Saturday & Sunday



Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us. Will you have family in town? They'll want a taste of the Big Apple and our gourmet chocolates are the tastiest in the entire city. We'll show you and your whole family how to make your own chocolates - you'll even take some home.

Plan a Thanksgiving chocolate-making outing at any time during our business hours. Feel free to drop in or if you have lots of people in your group, consider making a reservation to avoid disappointment. Would you rather we come to you? Our mobile truffle-making station is a party on the go. We'll bring the party to you. Simply fill out our handy form by following the group link below.

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association

We Need Your Opinion

Chocolate lover, you are invited to share your opinion on the most delicious of subjects, chocolate! The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is holding a 1.5 hour focus group to see how you think and feel about chocolate. Space is limited, so sign up today!


October 6, 2016

6-7:30 PM

Voila Chocolat, Upper West Side Manhattan

Cost: complimentary!

Refreshments and chocolate treats will be served.

Space is limited to the first 20 to sign up.

Yuzu Basil Truffle

Late summer treat from Chef Christophe Toury: Yuzu Basil Truffle

Voila Chocolat works with ingredients that naturally have a short shelf life for the quality and purity. Our recipes consist of using fresh cream, milk, puree, and the most natural of ingredients as often as possible. When you taste our treats, you'll notice it's reflected in the taste and the texture.

Everything citrusy brings ultimate freshness and is a great way of cleaning your palate after a meal. Yuzu is on of Chef Toury's favorite citrus fruits. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus about the size of a small grapefruit with an intensely aromatic, flowery and unique lemony flavor. In order to make a more unique and one-of-a-kind flavor for his truffles, Chef Toury combines it with fresh basil. Basil has a spicy yet sweet pungent smell and the leaves may taste somewhat like anise. The fragrant sweetness of the basil balances out the darkness of the chocolate beautifully and the herbal earthiness blends with the very aromatic sour flavor seamlessly. The basil is a surprisingly pleasant unexpected flavor, and, unlike traditional mint, it doesn’t overpower and completely take over the truffle.

Intrigued? Come by and taste one or several for yourself. Better yet, we'll package up several and send you home with them to share.  

S'mores Experience at Voila Chocolat

Just in time for Autumn, we've created an experience that combines the best of cool weather camping with the joy of premium chocolate! The experience will feature premium flavored marshmallows including   strawberry, concord grape and daredevil - it's your choice.

S'mores Experience at Voila Chocolats 2.jpg

To place between delicious graham crackers, you'll be melting the best quality chocolate ever to be used in a s'more - premium Voila Chocolat chocolate. Your s'mores roasting will take place in a safe environment; your safety is our first priority. We also love our earth, so we only use biodegradable Sterno gel.

Please call (212) 920-8799 for reservations, pricing and more info. See you soon! 

Pokémon Gym NYC at Voilà Chocolat

The Best Pokémon Gym NYC is at
Voilà Chocolat!

Here's Why

When you make your own chocolates at Voilà Chocolat, you get to be as creative as you want. Our guests reflect their personal passions in their chocolates by creating chocolate masterpieces inspired by their favorite pastimes. Recently, lots of people have gotten into... Pokémon Go.

Great news for trainers who love chocolate: Our shop is a Pokémon Go Gym, a real-life destination where players ("trainers," as they're called) gather to fight and train Pokémon monsters to win prestige for their team.

Watching all the hot, tired trainers standing just outside our shop, squinting at their screens in the bright sunlight and watching their phones' batteries drain down gave us an idea.

We've turned Voilà Chocolat and its Pokémon gym into a real-life oasis for the augmented reality game. In addition to finding cool air conditioning and the perfect spot in which to fight and train Pokémon out of the sun's glare, trainers will find a Pokémon-dedicated power strip with which to "POWER-UP" their phones, plus refreshments with which to power up themselves to fuel their Pokémon trek.

Deals for Trainers

Through September 5th, we're offering 10% off all refreshments, chocolates, and chocolate-making classes to anyone who shows their Pokémon GO screen. (Alternatively, you can check in with a Facebook update, Instagram post, or tweet to redeem this offer).

We're fans of any activity or idea that gets groups of friends out of the house and having fun experiences together - making chocolates OR catching monsters!

See you here!

221 West 79th Street, NYC (at 79th & Broadway)

Best Places to Propose in NYC: Proposal at Voilà Chocolat

Like true love, sometimes the things you're wishing for happen when you aren't looking.

Once Upon a Time

Proposal ideas don’t have to be hard to find. Even before the first Voilà Chocolat location opened, we anticipated that our make-your-own gourmet chocolates store would become a perfect, adorable setting for NYC marriage proposals. We reached out to jewelry stores, sent out feelers before Valentine's Day, and waited...

After an eternity (it seemed), a creative, chocolate-loving, aspiring groom arrived on the scene. An event producer, Rob, was looking for a place to propose to his girlfriend, Stacey. He realized right away that Voila Chocolat is simply one of the absolute best places to propose in NYC. The couple loved sweets ("Too much!" Rob and Stacey later said) and Rob was intrigued by Voilà Chocolat's setting and original concept, and interested to learn how we could customize chocolate to suit his proposal vision.

Founding team member and event sales contact, Elaine Boxer, was ecstatic at the chance to help Rob surprise Stacey with a truly personal, memorable proposal that she'd be telling her friends and family about for years to come. "With this request, you're making me the second happiest woman in the world!" Elaine confessed to Rob.

The Plan

Now all that was left was to set the stage and discuss proposal ideas. At first, they discussed bringing Stacey to make chocolates, ending the experience with a surprise ring box made out of fine chocolate presented by Rob. Chef Christophe Toury had made many chocolate ring boxes over his long career -- large and small, simple and elaborate. However, Rob decided he would rather pull the ring box out of his pocket -- and a hard-sided velvet box is better suited to one's pocket than fine couverture that melts at body temperature.

Elaine then suggested the ways in which the chocolates themselves could be personalized. Perhaps, they could plan a switcheroo -- Rob and Stacey could come in to Voilà Chocolat to make chocolates together, and at the moment their creations were supposed to be returned from the cooling station, a chocolatier could bring a pre-made tray with a very special message, prompting Rob to drop to one knee.

Rob liked the drama of that idea, so he ordered a custom tray of pre-made truffles topped with molded chocolate letters spelling "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" To personalize the moment even more, he ordered an extra truffle topped with a plaquette that said "I love you," and a small photo chocolate bar imprinted with Stacey's family's favorite photo of the pair -- a fun selfie of them outdoors, sharing a kiss.

Rob and Stacey also had been following and joking about the #RunningManChallenge meme that had been taking over the internet. To integrate this part of their relationship into the proposal, Rob captured the whole proposal on video without Stacey suspecting. The new plan: while their chocolates were cooling, Rob would have partner-in-crime, Elaine, subtly cue up the Running Man Challenge song, "My Boo," by Ghost Town DJs, on Voilà Chocolat's sound system as if by coincidence. He and Stacey would get up to dance to it (naturally) and ask a staff member to video it (Elaine!) and the stage would be set for the big moment.

Rob didn't look nervous as the moment approached, but we admit that we were. Rob had commented during the planning phase, "I'm an event producer. I have to pay attention to details." We knew we had one chance to time and present everything just right, for a very discerning critic!

The Proposal

The proposal went off perfectly. Stacey was ready to dance the moment the song came on. The shock on her face was sweet and genuine when chocolatier and manager on duty, Yolanda, brought out the tray of truffles and Rob knelt down with the ring. And of course, Stacey said YES! She later admitted she had suspected nothing, and hadn't even spotted the second video camera that Elaine had hidden on one of the store's shelves. As the newly-engaged couple boxed up their truffles to take to dinner with family, both Rob and Stacey simply couldn’t stop smiling.

Rob and Stacey, we want an invitation to your wedding! We'll bring the chocolates.

Who’s Next?

Elaine is ready to facilitate more chocolate-themed marriage proposals, bringing to life whatever vision the next lucky person has in mind. Is someone you know looking for the best places to propose in NYC? Look no further.

Proposal Ideas

The ring-in-a-chocolate-box idea still hasn't been taken and all sorts of personal messages can be custom-imprinted on chocolate bark, chocolate bars and lollipops. An especially trusting groom could have Chef Christophe enclose the ring in a molded hollow chocolate, like a puffy heart or the would-be bride's favorite animal -- breaking open the chocolate to reveal the best surprise prize-in-a-dessert ever. The ring itself could be served atop a chocolate truffle, or at the bottom of one of our glasses of Prosecco. The possibilities can be almost as unique and as lovely as the bride!

About Elaine Boxer

With over 20 years' experience in marketing strategy and brand development, Elaine loves working with event planners, company HR and marketing staff, and grooms like Rob to create interactive chocolate-themed events and plans that capture the true essence of the host and of the moment.

Let’s Get Going!

To plan your own special event or chocolate-themed marriage proposal in New York City, contact Elaine to have a conversation about your needs and plans:


I'll have my turkey with a little chocolate

Mexican mole is a sauce made with chocolate (and tomatoes, chills, bread, nuts, and spices) and it's heavenly on turkey! Most of the legends of the origins of mole depict the genius or hapless (depending on the version) inventors topping a turkey with the flavorful brown sauce.

It's not too late for this year! Even if you don't marinate your bird in mole before roasting, you can mix up a batch of mole as a sauce for leftovers. Here is a good recipe for turkey mole sauce from

And if you like your chocolate turkey more, shall we say, pure...we have chocolate molded turkeys available in our shop at 79th & Broadway.

Red White & Chocolate

As we're gearing up to celebrate our US veterans on Nov 11 (see previous blog post "Time to Serve Those Who Serve"), today we hosted a chocolate industry leader who is seeking to understand and illuminate the unique relationship between America and chocolate.

Karen Bryant, Executive Director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, is on a 2-month road trip across the US, investigating the people, companies and dynamics molding the US chocolate experience. She's writing a blog about her experience and a book, both entitled "Red, White & Chocolate."

We'll be following Karen (you should too!) as she asks questions such as what is "fine chocolate" and why does it cost more? What do “single origin,” “fair trade” and “sustainable” chocolate mean?

To get these answers and more, she is interviewing key industry leaders. This morning Karen sat down to interview our Founder and Chief Cacao Nut, Peter Moustakerski. We can't wait to find out how we informed her intellectual and geographic journey! Stay tuned...

Peter and Karen, making us all smarter (about chocolate).

Peter and Karen, making us all smarter (about chocolate).

It's time to serve those who serve

US veterans, reservists, retired and active military personnel: please enjoy 50% off everything at Voilà Chocolat on Veterans Day, Wednesday November 11, with military ID or proof of service.

Offer includes our gourmet chocolate-making activities and everything in our shop and café. (Please pass this info along to any military servicepeople in your life)

...Thank you for your service.

Thanksgiving Eve Balloon Inflation Night

On Wed. Nov. 25, come see the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons getting inflated at 79th Street & Columbus Avenue, 3pm-10pm.

We are located between the 79th Street 1 train station and the balloons, and we'll be serving fresh handmade hot chocolate from a pop-up sidewalk stand! 

As long-time residents of the neighborhood, we know how to enjoy balloon inflation night like a local, and we'd like to share a few useful tips:

Insider's tip #1:

- Do NOT take the B or C trains to 81st St -

You'll miss half of the balloons! As you emerge in the middle of everything, police barricades will force you to go in only one direction. Instead, take the 1 train to 79th Street, walk east 2 blocks and enter at the beginning, at 79th & Columbus. 

Insider's tip #2:

- Get drinks & snacks before entering the balloon area -

Balloon-viewing will take 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on when you arrive. There are no refreshments there. Get a fortifying hot chocolate right outside our shop (north side of 79th St., near Broadway) to stay warm and nourished as you shuffle around the balloons loop. You can also step inside our shop for a hot tea or coffee to go, snackable fine chocolates (such as chocolate-covered pretzels), baked goods, bottled water, iced teas, lemonades, and apple juice.

Insider's tip #3:

- It's hard to find others in the crowd: make a plan first! -

To meet friends, or to plan in case you get separated, use our shop as your rallying point. Our address is 221 West 79th Street, near Broadway. The shop will be warm, safe, well-lit, and open until 10pm. It also will be full of chocolates, fresh hot coffee, baked goods, hot chocolate, wine, beer, prosecco, and fun activities for all ages.

Head for the red tablecloth and friendly smile...

Head for the red tablecloth and friendly smile...

National Chocolate Day!

At Voilà Chocolat, every day is chocolate day. But today, it really is Chocolate Day, for the rest of the nation too!

Visit Voilà Chocolat today on West 79th Street -- the only drop-in, 7-days-a-week fine chocolatiering destination in the whole nation (that we know of) -- and celebrate with some fun and incredibly good chocolates.

We hope you'll stay and learn how to make your own fine chocolates. You can master any of our 9 chocolatiering projects today, with or without a reservation

See what a few publications around the city have to say about Voilà Chocolat on this, the sweetest (and healthiest, we maintain) day of the year!

(click through to the source articles for better resolution)

The Weekly Yelp

Time Out New York

CBS Local

Chocolate Craft from this Sceptred Isle

The Irish Times just published these inspiring and delicious looking photos from the current Chocolate Show London. Today is the last day! Wish we were there ...or that photos could be tasted.

These chocolate tools look an awful lot like the ones Voilà Chocolat made for Father's Day 2015.  Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

These chocolate tools look an awful lot like the ones Voilà Chocolat made for Father's Day 2015. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory works on a chocolate bust of Phillip Schofield during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory works on a chocolate bust of Phillip Schofield during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Chocolate ironware and tools on display during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. How tastefully industrial. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Chocolate ironware and tools on display during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. How tastefully industrial. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Pastry chefs from The Fat Duck restaurant prepare a model's dress made partly from chocolate during the Chocolate Show. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Pastry chefs from The Fat Duck restaurant prepare a model's dress made partly from chocolate during the Chocolate Show. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Choclolate balls of string on display during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Choclolate balls of string on display during the Chocolate Show at Olympia's National Hall, London. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Azra Sadiq with her hand-crafted chocolate shoes. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Azra Sadiq with her hand-crafted chocolate shoes. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Another one that looks like a Voilà Chocolat original! Our bolts are also filled with caramel... Chocolate nuts and bolts. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Another one that looks like a Voilà Chocolat original! Our bolts are also filled with caramel... Chocolate nuts and bolts. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Christopher Columbus' More Important "Discovery"

It was thanks to Christopher Columbus that Europeans first set eyes on the seed of the chocolate tree.

On August 15, 1502, the first European encounter with cacao took place when Columbus, on his fourth voyage, came across a great Maya trading canoe with cacao beans amongst its cargo.

Columbus's son Ferdinand later wrote of that fateful day that a reconnaissance party went ashore at Guanaja, when there suddenly appeared a tremendous dugout canoe. In his written account, Ferdinand goes on to say:

they had many of those almonds [sic] which in [Mexico] are used for money. They seemed to hold these almonds at great price; for I observed that whenever any of these almonds fell, they all stooped to pick it up as if an eye had fallen.

Referring, of course, to cacao seeds.

Christopher Columbus never tasted chocolate. Four years later he died in Spain.

What happened to cacao next? When did it finally become the chocolate we know and love today? To find out more, subscribe to this blog. Or, if you can't wait for the answer, we recommend you read The True History of Chocolate by Sophie D. Coe, and Michael D. Coe. You can find copies for purchase in our shop at 221 West 79th St., or online at Amazon.

The 1502 encounter happened at the Caribbean island of Guanaja, off the coast of modern day Honduras.

The 1502 encounter happened at the Caribbean island of Guanaja, off the coast of modern day Honduras.

Coe, Sophie D., and Michael D. Coe. "Encounter and Transformation." The True History of Chocolate. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1996. N. pag. Print.

Voilà Chocolat would also like to recognize October 12, 2015 as Indigenous People's Day.

Halloween chocolate plaque contest!

Update Oct 28: the contest has ended but you can still make lots of spooky chocolates at Voilà Chocolat through Halloween.

Winner will be announced shortly...

You can pack a lot of creativity into 6 ounces of chocolate, a 7" plaque mold, and cocoa butter colors with which to paint.

This new $25 kids' activity includes all the chocolate, materials, tools, instruction, templates, and packaging to create and take your edible art home.

Until October 28, 2015, enter our KIDS' HALLOWEEN CHOCOLATE PLAQUE CONTEST just by posting your Halloween-themed chocolate creation on Instagram or Facebook. If we choose your photo after October 28, you win a kids' chocolate-making activity for 4 at Voilà Chocolat!



  • Come to Voilà Chocolat, 221 West 79th Street 
  • You can just drop-in, or reserve a time.
  • Make a chocolate plaque in any Halloween-theme you can dream up.
  • The chocolate plaque-making activity is $25, and includes everything you need to get crazy and creative!
  • Use this template at home, pick one up at the store, borrow one of our pre-made templates, or draw freehand.
  • Take a photo of your chocolate plaque!
  • Post your creation to Instagram on or before October 28, 2015. Tag Voila_Chocolat and #MakeYourOwnScariness
  • Or, post to Facebook on or before October 28, 2015. Tag VoilaChocolat and #MakeYourOwnScariness
  • (If you do not have Instagram or Facebook, email your photo to We can post to the Voila_Chocolat Instagram account.)
  • Lots of Favorites or Likes on your photo will earn you *slightly* favored consideration in the contest. Slightly.
  • The professional chocolatiering witches and goblins of Voilà Chocolat will choose a winner(s) after October 28, 2015.
  • Judging criteria might include: scariness, creativity, chocolatiering skill, level of cuteness, number of likes on your photo, or other categories we make up. Adults get to just make things up all the time. 
  • Winner(s) will be awarded kids' chocolatiering experiences for 4 (retail value $100), which include making chocolate plaques and making 5 Voilàllipops.
  • Enjoying a hot chocolate is totally optional, but makes your chocolate-making activity even more fun. 
  • Good luck, and Happy Halloween!
Chocolates for the first 500 costumed trick-or-treaters who visit our store on Oct 31. Boo!

Chocolates for the first 500 costumed trick-or-treaters who visit our store on Oct 31. Boo!

FREE­­­! Kids' Hands-on Chocolate education sessions

Voilà Chocolat is hosting FREE kids' chocolate education events (RSVP required), to celebrate our new just-for-kids chocolatiering experiences.

Date/Time: 4pm-4:30pm (for kids 6 and under) and 4:30-5pm (for kids 7 and older) every Wednesday through October 21.

Activities: Your child will get to - 

  • Sample several kinds of fine chocolate (and other handmade treats)
  • Learn how chocolate is made
  • Discover what makes dark chocolate different from milk chocolate, and what is "white chocolate," really?
  • Examine a real cocoa pod and taste natural cacao nibs
  • Complete her or his own chocolate-themed drawing
  • Start off on a lifetime of more informed, finer chocolate appreciation!

Space is limited. Please register using the buttons below.

Location: 221 West 79th Street (at Broadway), 212.920-8799

Please notify us of any allergies. Voilà Chocolat is not an allergen-free facility.

Parents: you are welcome to listen in on the kids' session, or to relax in our café. We have treats baked fresh daily, great espresso drinks and cold brew coffee, and wine, beer, champagne and prosecco.


*About allergies: Voilà Chocolat is not a nut-free or allergen-free facility. Peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and dairy are present. We can take steps to limit exposure, but we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination of trace amounts of these ingredients.

Voilà Chocolat is handicapped accessible.

Hot (Chocolate) Off the Presses

As the evenings begin to cool and New Yorkers' thoughts turn to fall...our unique and delicious hot chocolate varieties have returned!

We make our hot chocolate mixes by hand in our Upper West Side store, using either 72% cacao dark chocolate or 31% white chocolate and adding the best ingredients, with no added sugar. With just a touch of sweetness, the purer qualities of the fine chocolate come through.

Four favorites return from last season:

Classic dark House Blend, Daredevil spiced, Banana, and our amazing Matcha Green Tea WHITE HOT chocolate, reviewed by Zagat and last January, and now in Cosmopolitan Magazine's Oct 2015 issue (see below).

And we're delighted to introduce today our PUMPKIN SPICE WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE. It's everything the PSL is trying to be...

Our hot chocolates are not only delicious and toasty in our store, but are available as mixes to take home, in eco-friendly containers that make a pretty gift.


by Julie Vadnal
October 2015


By Patty Lee
January 16, 2015

Green Tea Hot Chocolate at Voila Chocolat
The new Upper West Side boutique — where customers can make their own bonbons and bars — mixes in a spoonful of matcha (the latest "it" ingredient) with 31% cacao.

and also...


January 12, 2015, Alia Akkam

Wannabe chocolatiers hightail it to Upper West Side newcomer, Voilà Chocolat, to roll their own coffee-filled truffles. Patrons who favor a more hands-off approach, however, get their cocoa cravings sated with the atelier’s rich 72 percent cacao hot chocolate. If the fiery Daredevil iteration has too much of a kick, spring for one of the more subdued white chocolate or green tea versions. 221 W. 79th St.

We've gotten a lot of press recently, as everyone has begun to discover our unique and irresistible concept, teaching ordinary folks to be extraordinary chocolatiers in less than an hour. Read all about it!

Happy National White Chocolate Day!

#NationalWhiteChocolateDay? But, wait: is white chocolate any good? Is it really chocolate?

Find out: stop by Voilà Chocolat today -- 221 West 79th St. at Broadway -- for a FREE taste of 31% cacao Crème Francais white chocolate from the Guittard Chocolate Company.

And scroll below to learn more about this misunderstood confection.

White Chocolate

White chocolate suffered an identity crisis in this country until the FDA officially defined it in 2002. Well before that, until 1993, manufacturers were not permitted to call it chocolate, and were forced instead to refer to white chocolate as "cocoa butter confectionary."

Even now, debate persists about whether white chocolate has a place in fine chocolatiering or on the palates of discerning chocolate lovers. As with any complex subject, there are pros and cons. But our answer is: yes, it does have an important place.

In white chocolate, cocoa solids are replaced with milk solids, so it's missing the complex, beautiful flavors and healthy flavonols that we love in a piece of good dark chocolate. And unfortunately, much of the "white chocolate" available for sale contains cheaper, replacement fats other than cocoa butter, plus inferior quality milk solids and a heaping dose of sugar.

On the other hand, high-quality white chocolate made with 100% real cocoa butter from quality beans, does impart a pleasing mild flavor and melts in your mouth in a particularly satisfying way.

All chocolatiers know that white chocolate shows some colors and patterns better than milk or dark chocolate. But we also really like the way that white chocolate can deliver certain flavors in confections.

For example, our matcha green tea confections -- from green tea chocolate bars to matcha green tea white hot chocolate -- work perfectly with the subtler characteristics of white chocolate to carry the delicate green tea flavor and the exciting green color. 

So our advice, which really applies to all chocolate: when consuming white chocolate, make sure you choose very good white chocolate. Look for pure, high-quality cocoa butter, without cocoa butter substitutes or an excessive amount of sugar. And expect that as with many products that are higher quality, good white chocolate will cost more than lower quality mass-produced versions. This is because the ingredients cost more, including not only the cocoa butter itself but also the milk powder that is added.

In our confections and in our guests' chocolatiering experiences at Voilà Chocolat, we use a very high quality white chocolate that is 31% cocoa butter, which is an even higher percentage of cacao than off-the-shelf milk chocolate often contains. Is it "as good" as dark chocolate? In many ways, we feel that it simply never can be. But is white chocolate ok in moderate quantities and if it's very good quality? Yes!


Kids in a Candy Store

What will go in your magic circle?

What will go in your magic circle?

We've introduced two new chocolatiering experiences just for kids! Reserve here any time, or join our hour-long workshops all day on days when public schools are closed.

Drop-in Voilàllipops activity: make 5 chocolate pops using a fun transfer sheet design and a bunch of toppings with which to decorate the pops.

Chocolate plaque activity: kids "paint" a 7" diameter, 6 ounce round chocolate plaque with their own picture or design, using colored cocoa butter. Instant edible art!

Here's a preview on how to make your own chocolate plaque...


Step 1: grab a magic circle template.

Available in our store, or download one here and start designing at home.

Step 2: draw your own fun picture, or use one of our pre-drawn templates such as this adorable cat:

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Step 3: trace your design using white chocolate tinted with natural, colored cocoa butter:

Playing with your food is highly encouraged here.

Playing with your food is highly encouraged here.

Step 4: once you've fully traced your design, pipe the chocolate of your choice into the rest of the mold, then we'll briefly cool it for you: 

Step 5: unmold...

plaque in fridge

Step 6: ...admire your edible art!

cat plaque

Finally, package up your creation to take home with you.

cat plaque finished

Remember: do not refrigerate fine chocolate once it is made. Keep tempered chocolate room temperature, away from sunlight, and it will be good for up to 12 months! But we bet it doesn't last that long in your house without getting eaten first.

Here is some beautiful chocolate artwork from one of our young chocolatiers -- using our rose template:

A couple of examples of Rosh Hashanah plaques. Templates available Sept 8-15. Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!

And here is some very cool chocolate plaque art by a 14 year-old artist:

Witch plaque

Kids' $25 experiences are available for walk-in or daily reservations only.

For awesome birthday party options, read more about our Events here, or download our kids' birthday party overview.