Kids in a Candy Store

What will go in your magic circle?

What will go in your magic circle?

We've introduced two new chocolatiering experiences just for kids! Reserve here any time, or join our hour-long workshops all day on days when public schools are closed.

Drop-in Voilàllipops activity: make 5 chocolate pops using a fun transfer sheet design and a bunch of toppings with which to decorate the pops.

Chocolate plaque activity: kids "paint" a 7" diameter, 6 ounce round chocolate plaque with their own picture or design, using colored cocoa butter. Instant edible art!

Here's a preview on how to make your own chocolate plaque...


Step 1: grab a magic circle template.

Available in our store, or download one here and start designing at home.

Step 2: draw your own fun picture, or use one of our pre-drawn templates such as this adorable cat:

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Step 3: trace your design using white chocolate tinted with natural, colored cocoa butter:

Playing with your food is highly encouraged here.

Playing with your food is highly encouraged here.

Step 4: once you've fully traced your design, pipe the chocolate of your choice into the rest of the mold, then we'll briefly cool it for you: 

Step 5: unmold...

plaque in fridge

Step 6: ...admire your edible art!

cat plaque

Finally, package up your creation to take home with you.

cat plaque finished

Remember: do not refrigerate fine chocolate once it is made. Keep tempered chocolate room temperature, away from sunlight, and it will be good for up to 12 months! But we bet it doesn't last that long in your house without getting eaten first.

Here is some beautiful chocolate artwork from one of our young chocolatiers -- using our rose template:

A couple of examples of Rosh Hashanah plaques. Templates available Sept 8-15. Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!

And here is some very cool chocolate plaque art by a 14 year-old artist:

Witch plaque

Kids' $25 experiences are available for walk-in or daily reservations only.

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