Learn The Chocolate Speak

Atelier noun \ a-təl-ˈyāy: a room or building in which an artist works. (Specifically: a place we created for you to engage in chocolatiering.)

Chocolatiering noun \ˌchä-k(ə-)lə-ˈtir-ing: creating artisanal confections out of high-quality tempered chocolate. A chocolatier is a culinary professional and artist who makes gourmet chocolate confections. (Note: chocolatiering can be fascinating and addictive.)

Pistole noun \ˌpis-ˈtōl: from the French word for an old Spanish or European gold coin. Fine chocolate often is sold in bags or boxes of these small, coin-shaped discs of chocolate. In our shop you can find 8oz and 16oz bags of chocolate pistoles for baking, chocolatiering, or snacking.


Tempering verb \ ˈtem-pər-ing: a process of preparing chocolate for use in fine chocolatiering by first gently melting it, then cooling it to a temperature at which cocoa butter crystals rapidly grow, and finally creating or adding cocoa butter crystals so that when cool, the chocolate's cocoa butter will solidify in a beta crystal format. Beta crystals are what make firm, shiny chocolates that “snap” when you break them and that melt at body temperature when you taste them.

White chocolate -- is made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. It can be made with a high degree of quality, without artificial ingredients or added fats. White chocolate lacks some of the healthy anti-oxidants of dark chocolate, as well as the stimulating effects of the natural caffeine and theobromine found in cacao solids.