Do I need to make a reservation?

Come any time! No reservations required. Whenever possible, do try to let us know in advance, so we can set up for you. Note: please arrive at least 45 minutes before we close, so that you won’t have to rush your fun.

What if I want to try several different chocolatiering experiences in one visit?

Of course, you can choose to do more than one experience. That just means you will get to make even more chocolate to take home!

How long is a chocolatiering experience?

Depending on which experience you choose, you may be creating for 30 minutes to an hour. We can help you choose, if you’d like.

How much chocolate do we get to make?

Depending upon which chocolatiering experience you choose, you will make and take home 1/2 to 1 pound of amazing, beautiful, unique-in-all-the-world chocolates and confections. Guests often take their bags to bring home and say to us, "that's a lot of chocolate..." 

Assuming that I can resist eating it on the spot, how do I get my chocolate creations home?

We provide elegant, customizable packaging -- perfect for decorating and presenting as a gift. When it’s hot outside, try to limit your chocolates’ exposure to sun and heat on your way home. 

Once home, store your chocolates at room temperature away from sunlight. Ideal temperature is 65-70 degrees. 

Do not refrigerate fine chocolates! The humidity in a refrigerator and the condensation that would form on chocolates chilled below 40 degrees would ruin the tempering. Fine tempered chocolate is naturally shelf-stable for up to 1 year, and up to 6 weeks for truffles.

How big a group can you accommodate?

Groups of any size are welcome. If it’s a special occasion or more than 8 or so people, you might like to plan an event with us.

Will I get chocolate on my clothes?

No, it’s unlikely you will manage to make too much of a mess. And we provide an apron for you to wear while you’re creating, just in case. You might want to roll up long sleeves, and take care not to dip loose scarves or neckties in the chocolate by accident. Caveat: if you are under the age of 6, all bets are off.

Can children participate?

Yes, kids love making chocolates! Our Voilàllipops-making experience is universally popular with kids... but then again so are the fun chocolate shapes and the chocolate bars and the dipped treats. Very young ones might need a steadying hand from a grown-up (see: “Will I get chocolate on my clothes?” above).

Kids are welcome to do any of the chocolatiering activities we offer. We also have slightly less involved experiences designed just for kids, starting at $25.

Is chocolatiering a child-safe activity?

Yes, absolutely. We do not use sharp tools. Tempered chocolate is kept only warm, at just under 90 degrees. The heating elements in our workstations are shielded and out of reach.

May I bring my dog?

Sorry, no pets allowed (with the exception of service animals), so Rex has to stay home, or else he has to sit tied up outside while making that irresistibly sad face at you through the window. Also, when you get your chocolates home, be careful to store them securely out of reach: two of the natural ingredients in chocolate -- caffeine and theobromine -- can be dangerous to pets' health if ingested.

Can I simply buy some chocolates at Voilà Chocolat?

Yes, you can! We have a delicious selection of handmade artisanal chocolates and other indulgences available for purchase in our atelier. But we still think you would have a lot of fun and the chocolates would be much more special if you stayed and made them yourself...

I’m a little hungry now. Are any food and beverages served at Voilà Chocolat?

Yes, we have fresh-baked snacks and desserts, wine, beer, champagne, fresh espresso drinks, hot and iced tea, New York’s Happiest Hot Chocolate, cold beverages such as lemonade and frozen hot chocolate, and of course, chocolate -- all available to enjoy during your chocolate-making experience, or “to go.” Special events may be catered, for additional food and drink options.

May I bring my own food and beverages into Voilà Chocolat to serve at my special event?

We'd like to say yes, but unfortunately, Department of Agriculture regulations prohibit us from permitting this. Instead, we can offer you a wide range of catering options, from pizza to fancy passed canapés. Ask our Events Coordinator for help and ideas!

Why are there numbers on your chocolate bars?

The numbers on our bars indicate the percentage of cacao that they contain. For example, 72% of the composition of our dark chocolate bars is from cacao beans. The remaining 28% is made up of other natural ingredients, primarily sugar. So, the higher the percentage, the more cacao there is inside. Higher numbers also tend to indicate healthier chocolate, because darker chocolate contains more anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as less sugar than milk chocolate or white chocolate. 

Did you ever notice that "FAQ" also stands for three of your company values: Fun, Artisanal, and Quality?

Yes. But let's not forget the other three: Educational, Healthy, and Sustainable. Learn more about our six founding values and why they are so important to us here.

Did you say "healthy"?

High-quality, high-cacao content dark chocolate is healthy. Absolutely, yes! Eaten in moderation (1-2 ounces daily), dark chocolate and the cacao it contains have been shown scientifically to have health benefits for cardiovascular function, mental function and memory, mobility, and overall well-being. We also find that a couple of ounces of good quality dark chocolate is very satisfying -- much more physically and emotionally gratifying than a full-sized, mass-produced candy bar that packs a lot of sugar and added fats.

Is Voilà Chocolat handicapped accessible?

Yes. We are at street level and our restroom is ADA-compliant.

Is Voilà Chocolat safe for people with allergies?

The chocolate that we used initially contained a small amount of soy. Our supplier has recently removed soy from their products, but there may be trace amounts in our equipment.

Our milk and white chocolate varieties contain dairy, but even our dark chocolate varieties may have come into contact with trace amounts of dairy.

Our supplier’s facility also processes almonds, but not on the same equipment as our chocolate.

Read the complete allergen statement from our chocolate supplier here.

Dairy, wheat, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts are often present in our kitchen. We cannot guarantee that there will be zero contact between these allergens and any of our other ingredients or equipment. Therefore, if you are highly sensitive to dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, or soy, we advise that you do not consume our products.

Does Voilà Chocolat use any additives or preservatives?

No. Our recipes are artisanal -- we take no shortcuts and use only natural ingredients.

Is Voilà Chocolat kosher?

The chocolate that we use is kosher. However, our kitchen is not under kosher supervision. And while some of our other ingredients -- such as the cream and butter we use to make ganache for our truffle centers -- are KVH- or OU-certified, not all of the toppings we offer carry a hechsher. For more detailed information, please ask one of our chocolatiers.

I follow a gluten-free diet. Are there options for me at Voilà Chocolat?

Yes!  All of our chocolate is naturally gluten-free.  Most of the toppings and ingredients that you can use in your creations are also gluten-free, such as dried fruits, cacao nibs, and nuts. Some optional ingredients, such as biscotti for dipping or "crispy pearls" for topping, contain gluten and we can help you to avoid these. For more detailed information, please ask one of our chocolatiers.