All about Voilà Chocolat

Our story

In 2012, the future founder of Voilà Chocolat, Peter, was hosting his daughter's make-your-own arts & crafts themed birthday party. He noticed how everyone at the party -- both kids and adults alike -- became joyfully immersed in their creativity, similar to how he felt whenever he made chocolates as a trained chocolatier. That was the first moment when he knew he had to create Voilà Chocolat, to share that feeling and that magic with others.

After extensive research and planning, Peter began to assemble a "dream team" to help him bring Voilà Chocolat to life. He recruited a diverse team, from a nationally-recognized Master Chocolatier and pastry chef to a senior chocolate scientist, to create a unique place where everyone, not only trained chocolatiers, could experience the fun and magic of crafting beautiful, delicious chocolates with friends, family and colleagues.

As an artistic material, chocolate is endlessly fascinating, complex, and creative to work and play with. The Voilà Chocolat team now want everyone to come and discover for themselves the surprisingly rewarding and entertaining experience of making chocolates.

Our chocolate

For your creations, we provide the best chef-quality chocolate. We carefully select varieties that meet the stringent culinary requirements of the most talented professional chocolatiers, and we work with suppliers who follow the highest environmental and social responsibility standards.

From our founding, we proudly have sourced our chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company, headquartered near San Francisco. Using hand-selected, fairly-traded cacao beans, Guittard produces all-natural, artisanal, gourmet chocolate varieties that can be used to make the most delicious and gorgeous confections. Guittard’s practice of maintaining direct relationships with cacao growers assures not only a more socially responsible and sustainable supply chain but also the best quality, most flavorful chocolate.

We feel good about our chocolate and its source, and we think you can too.

Our values

Our values -- as individuals and as a business -- form a big part of everything we do, from the kinds of chocolatiering experiences we create for you, to how we build and operate our company, to how we source our ingredients. You can learn more about how we bring these six founding values to life on our blog, and you can experience them first hand by visiting us. Above all else, Voilà Chocolat is:


Voilà Chocolat is all about having memorable and enjoyable experiences with family and friends. It’s tremendous fun to make, decorate, give, and eat chocolates!


Everything at Voilà Chocolat -- from the chocolate and other ingredients we provide, to the finished products you can create, to the chocolatiering professionals themselves who guide your experience -- is of the highest quality and culinary artistry.


The main ingredient of fine chocolate - cacao - has many health and nutritional benefits. We love to share with others the most reliable science and latest ideas on the healthy varieties, amounts, and habits for enjoying chocolate.


Working with your hands is becoming a rare treat in an increasingly digital world. Voilà Chocolat creates opportunities for you to have authentic, fulfilling, even therapeutic experiences handcrafting physical things. You get to infuse foods and gifts with special qualities and meaning because you make them yourself. Our recipes and methods are artisanal too -- we take no shortcuts and use only natural ingredients.


As a business and as individuals, we know that our choices have impact on our immediate community and on the world. Our choices are informed by facts and science. We are motivated by our desire to have positive impact on the physical environment, the social and economic elements of the cacao supply chain, and the future sustainability of cacao as an industry and chocolate as an indulgence.


We believe people have the most fun while acquiring new skills, such as learning how to craft a fine chocolate bar. We love sharing our knowledge about artisanal techniques and high-quality chocolatiering, and about how we all can make healthier and more responsible choices as consumers. By sharing our knowledge and valuable information, we believe we can inspire small but meaningful changes in consumption that add up to great positive impact.

Our people

Founder & Chief Cacao Nut, Peter Moustakerski -- among some cacao trees in Costa Rica

Founder & Chief Cacao Nut, Peter Moustakerski -- among some cacao trees in Costa Rica

Voilà Chocolat’s “dream team” consists of a diverse set of professionals who bring unique skills and passion.

We are led by our Founder and Chief Cacao Nut, Peter Moustakerski, and our Master Chocolatier, Christophe Toury:

Peter is a visionary entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for chocolate. After relocating from Bulgaria to China and co-founding a confectionary company there that he ran for 10 years, he earned his MBA from Columbia and had a long and successful corporate career before going back to school to become a certified chocolatier. Peter immersed himself in chocolate (not always literally) in Costa Rica, at the École Chocolat, and at the French Culinary Institute in NYC, and he joined the Fine Chocolate Industry Association. Peter founded Voilà Chocolat because he was inspired by his fervent desire that everybody should be able to experience for themselves the joy and passion of chocolatiering. In his spare time, of which he has very little, Peter enjoys cooking for friends, engaging in a variety of outdoor sports, spending time with his wife and kids, and tasting a little fine chocolate every day.


Master Chocolatier Christophe Toury

Master Chocolatier Christophe Toury

Christophe was born in Chartres, France and began his career at the Ritz in Paris. His pastry and chocolatiering talents then took him to the Essex House Hotel, the Four Seasons Maui, the Executive Pastry Chef role at the Four Seasons New York, the Executive Pastry Chef role at the Mandarin Oriental, and the Chocolatier Executive Pastry Chef role at Jacques Torres Chocolate. He has been named by Pastry Art & Design Magazine as one of the 10 Best Pastry Chefs in America. Christophe loves working with chocolate because of the distinct way it responds to human creativity and ingenuity, almost as if it were alive! He is most excited to see customers’ reactions to discovering this experience for themselves. Christophe enjoys serious road biking, which is a useful hobby for someone constantly surrounded by large quantities of the world’s finest chocolate. Christophe also creates astounding, intricate chocolate sculptures in his home kitchen just for fun.