Best Places to Propose in NYC: Proposal at Voilà Chocolat

Like true love, sometimes the things you're wishing for happen when you aren't looking.

Once Upon a Time

Proposal ideas don’t have to be hard to find. Even before the first Voilà Chocolat location opened, we anticipated that our make-your-own gourmet chocolates store would become a perfect, adorable setting for NYC marriage proposals. We reached out to jewelry stores, sent out feelers before Valentine's Day, and waited...

After an eternity (it seemed), a creative, chocolate-loving, aspiring groom arrived on the scene. An event producer, Rob, was looking for a place to propose to his girlfriend, Stacey. He realized right away that Voila Chocolat is simply one of the absolute best places to propose in NYC. The couple loved sweets ("Too much!" Rob and Stacey later said) and Rob was intrigued by Voilà Chocolat's setting and original concept, and interested to learn how we could customize chocolate to suit his proposal vision.

Founding team member and event sales contact, Elaine Boxer, was ecstatic at the chance to help Rob surprise Stacey with a truly personal, memorable proposal that she'd be telling her friends and family about for years to come. "With this request, you're making me the second happiest woman in the world!" Elaine confessed to Rob.

The Plan

Now all that was left was to set the stage and discuss proposal ideas. At first, they discussed bringing Stacey to make chocolates, ending the experience with a surprise ring box made out of fine chocolate presented by Rob. Chef Christophe Toury had made many chocolate ring boxes over his long career -- large and small, simple and elaborate. However, Rob decided he would rather pull the ring box out of his pocket -- and a hard-sided velvet box is better suited to one's pocket than fine couverture that melts at body temperature.

Elaine then suggested the ways in which the chocolates themselves could be personalized. Perhaps, they could plan a switcheroo -- Rob and Stacey could come in to Voilà Chocolat to make chocolates together, and at the moment their creations were supposed to be returned from the cooling station, a chocolatier could bring a pre-made tray with a very special message, prompting Rob to drop to one knee.

Rob liked the drama of that idea, so he ordered a custom tray of pre-made truffles topped with molded chocolate letters spelling "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" To personalize the moment even more, he ordered an extra truffle topped with a plaquette that said "I love you," and a small photo chocolate bar imprinted with Stacey's family's favorite photo of the pair -- a fun selfie of them outdoors, sharing a kiss.

Rob and Stacey also had been following and joking about the #RunningManChallenge meme that had been taking over the internet. To integrate this part of their relationship into the proposal, Rob captured the whole proposal on video without Stacey suspecting. The new plan: while their chocolates were cooling, Rob would have partner-in-crime, Elaine, subtly cue up the Running Man Challenge song, "My Boo," by Ghost Town DJs, on Voilà Chocolat's sound system as if by coincidence. He and Stacey would get up to dance to it (naturally) and ask a staff member to video it (Elaine!) and the stage would be set for the big moment.

Rob didn't look nervous as the moment approached, but we admit that we were. Rob had commented during the planning phase, "I'm an event producer. I have to pay attention to details." We knew we had one chance to time and present everything just right, for a very discerning critic!

The Proposal

The proposal went off perfectly. Stacey was ready to dance the moment the song came on. The shock on her face was sweet and genuine when chocolatier and manager on duty, Yolanda, brought out the tray of truffles and Rob knelt down with the ring. And of course, Stacey said YES! She later admitted she had suspected nothing, and hadn't even spotted the second video camera that Elaine had hidden on one of the store's shelves. As the newly-engaged couple boxed up their truffles to take to dinner with family, both Rob and Stacey simply couldn’t stop smiling.

Rob and Stacey, we want an invitation to your wedding! We'll bring the chocolates.

Who’s Next?

Elaine is ready to facilitate more chocolate-themed marriage proposals, bringing to life whatever vision the next lucky person has in mind. Is someone you know looking for the best places to propose in NYC? Look no further.

Proposal Ideas

The ring-in-a-chocolate-box idea still hasn't been taken and all sorts of personal messages can be custom-imprinted on chocolate bark, chocolate bars and lollipops. An especially trusting groom could have Chef Christophe enclose the ring in a molded hollow chocolate, like a puffy heart or the would-be bride's favorite animal -- breaking open the chocolate to reveal the best surprise prize-in-a-dessert ever. The ring itself could be served atop a chocolate truffle, or at the bottom of one of our glasses of Prosecco. The possibilities can be almost as unique and as lovely as the bride!

About Elaine Boxer

With over 20 years' experience in marketing strategy and brand development, Elaine loves working with event planners, company HR and marketing staff, and grooms like Rob to create interactive chocolate-themed events and plans that capture the true essence of the host and of the moment.

Let’s Get Going!

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