Pokémon Gym NYC at Voilà Chocolat

The Best Pokémon Gym NYC is at
Voilà Chocolat!

Here's Why

When you make your own chocolates at Voilà Chocolat, you get to be as creative as you want. Our guests reflect their personal passions in their chocolates by creating chocolate masterpieces inspired by their favorite pastimes. Recently, lots of people have gotten into... Pokémon Go.

Great news for trainers who love chocolate: Our shop is a Pokémon Go Gym, a real-life destination where players ("trainers," as they're called) gather to fight and train Pokémon monsters to win prestige for their team.

Watching all the hot, tired trainers standing just outside our shop, squinting at their screens in the bright sunlight and watching their phones' batteries drain down gave us an idea.

We've turned Voilà Chocolat and its Pokémon gym into a real-life oasis for the augmented reality game. In addition to finding cool air conditioning and the perfect spot in which to fight and train Pokémon out of the sun's glare, trainers will find a Pokémon-dedicated power strip with which to "POWER-UP" their phones, plus refreshments with which to power up themselves to fuel their Pokémon trek.

Deals for Trainers

Through September 5th, we're offering 10% off all refreshments, chocolates, and chocolate-making classes to anyone who shows their Pokémon GO screen. (Alternatively, you can check in with a Facebook update, Instagram post, or tweet to redeem this offer).

We're fans of any activity or idea that gets groups of friends out of the house and having fun experiences together - making chocolates OR catching monsters!

See you here!

221 West 79th Street, NYC (at 79th & Broadway)