Thanksgiving Eve Balloon Inflation Night

On Wed. Nov. 25, come see the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons getting inflated at 79th Street & Columbus Avenue, 3pm-10pm.

We are located between the 79th Street 1 train station and the balloons, and we'll be serving fresh handmade hot chocolate from a pop-up sidewalk stand! 

As long-time residents of the neighborhood, we know how to enjoy balloon inflation night like a local, and we'd like to share a few useful tips:

Insider's tip #1:

- Do NOT take the B or C trains to 81st St -

You'll miss half of the balloons! As you emerge in the middle of everything, police barricades will force you to go in only one direction. Instead, take the 1 train to 79th Street, walk east 2 blocks and enter at the beginning, at 79th & Columbus. 

Insider's tip #2:

- Get drinks & snacks before entering the balloon area -

Balloon-viewing will take 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on when you arrive. There are no refreshments there. Get a fortifying hot chocolate right outside our shop (north side of 79th St., near Broadway) to stay warm and nourished as you shuffle around the balloons loop. You can also step inside our shop for a hot tea or coffee to go, snackable fine chocolates (such as chocolate-covered pretzels), baked goods, bottled water, iced teas, lemonades, and apple juice.

Insider's tip #3:

- It's hard to find others in the crowd: make a plan first! -

To meet friends, or to plan in case you get separated, use our shop as your rallying point. Our address is 221 West 79th Street, near Broadway. The shop will be warm, safe, well-lit, and open until 10pm. It also will be full of chocolates, fresh hot coffee, baked goods, hot chocolate, wine, beer, prosecco, and fun activities for all ages.

Head for the red tablecloth and friendly smile...

Head for the red tablecloth and friendly smile...