Mother's Day

Time, not Things

Advertising urges us constantly to buy Things, and claims that those things, once in your possession, signal success and bring happiness.

That's misleading. Things cannot create a full life the same way that meaningful experiences and time with others can. 

We're thinking about this today, Mother's Day, because we believe the best gift you can give your mom -- or anyone you care about -- is enjoyable time and experiences. We created our company around that belief, so we could give people a place for having those kinds of experiences, learning new skills and making memories.

If you didn't already get your mother anything (or, any Thing) we have some ideas. Enjoy:

  1. Of course: make chocolate together. Here are some experiences we've created just for Mother's Day, and here you can make a reservation to come in and try them. It's not too late. We open at 10am and stay open until 9pm on Sundays.
  2. It's going to be a nice day in NYC. Near us, there's both Central Park and Riverside Park, where you can walk and talk, maybe bring a picnic, and just enjoy the day together.
  3. If you really want to buy her a Thing, make it an experience gift -- for a massage, a class, tickets to a performance, or supplies for her favorite hobby. We actually have some amazing Things for sale too, in addition to chocolatiering experiences. But unlike jewelry or flowers or even a greeting card, these Things come with an experience hidden inside: the experience of tasting and enjoying really fine chocolate.
  4. We also have gift cards in any amount, which are good toward chocolatiering experiences.
  5. Just take her for coffee and really listen to her. Give her your full attention. Don't look at your phone once. Talk, connect, laugh.
  6. Whatever you do, take pictures.