UPDATE January 25, 9pm

The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning

  • in effect from 1 pm Monday to midnight Tuesday night
  • accumulation of 20-30' with locally higher amounts possible
  • winds 30-40mph, gusts 55-65 mph
  • temperatures in the lower 20s
  • stay off the roads, and if you can make it safely to Voilà Chocolat, prepare for warm and cozy chocolatiering with a side of hot chocolate and fresh baked goodies
Delicious snowball? Go ahead and throw one at a friend, they'll like it.

Delicious snowball? Go ahead and throw one at a friend, they'll like it.

Ok, you're right, that's not a photo of real snow. That's a white chocolate truffle filled with fresh mango purée and rolled in coconut. It's much prettier (and tastier) than the slushy stuff lining the city streets at the moment.

BUT...consider this: there will be snow. Oh yes, there will be snow. And when it really snows in NYC the next time, when everything shuts down, Voilà Chocolat will be open. Here's your...


  1. Now: Check your batteries and flashlights and other stuff you're supposed to have for emergencies.
  2. Day before next snow: buy bread and milk! We don't know why, just do that.
  3. Reserve your time for chocolatiering at Voilà Chocolat. You don't need to make a reservation; you could also just walk in. But you'll probably make a reservation anyway, because you're smart and prepared!
  4. Decide what experience you'd like to have at Voilà Chocolat. Actually you don't have to decide in advance. You can decide when you show up. But, it's fun to think and dream about what you're going to do with chocolate, so go ahead and mull it over while Snowmageddon keeps you stuck in your apartment.
  5. Morning of snow day: Boots, hat, mittens, and get outside! Walk around in the winter wonderland and take pictures before all the cars and dogs get to it.
  6. Once you're cold: Head to 221 West 79th St.
  7. Step inside the warm, chocolate-scented air. (The first thing that about 1/3 of our visitors say to us upon entering: "It smells so good in here!")
  8. Warm up with a delicious hand-made hot chocolate or coffee, and a wee snack. We have oatmeal chocolate cookies, financiers, and little lemon cakes. All baked fresh in our kitchen every morning.
  9. Sit down, put on your apron, and learn artisanal chocolatiering techniques while you make amazing things out of fine tempered chocolate. Lick the tools and utensils while our backs are turned.
  10. Voilà! (so to speak). You have made your own beautiful chocolates and had the most memorable, delicious, educational and cozy snow day ever. On your way out, pick up one of our house-made hot chocolate mixes to enjoy at home - choose from 72% cacao House Blend, or our 8-spice Daredevil blend. Walk home together in the snow with your edible treasures, and start planning your next visit.

Go forth! You have a plan!