Eat this, live forever

We noted with glee today, a post from our friends at Raaka Chocolate revealing that serious chocolate consumption might help you live to be 122. (Read their delicious revelation here: "Jeanne Calment: 122 Years of Chocolate.")

Stop and appreciate this fantastic news: a food that extends your lifespan and that is actually something you'd enjoy eating in great quantities for 122 years, no offense to kale and kombucha.

There is one other thing, almost as good as dark chocolate (although we won't claim it's just as good), that you could eat to extend your life...

Unofficially, Jeanne Calment might have been out-lived a century ago by Baba Vasilka, a Bulgarian woman who claimed to have been 126 years old. A study about her and thousands of other Bulgarian centenarians was reported in the New York Times in 1912, revealing that they all ate a lot of Bulgarian yogurt, with its unique and healthy bacteria, L. bulgaricus. It was concluded then - and it's still held today - that eating this incredible yogurt might help you achieve a 100+ year lifespan.

Some of us at Voilà Chocolat make amazing Bulgarian yogurt at home.  Between that and our daily chocolate consumption, we are legitimately planning to live forever.

But until we invite you over to try some yogurt, (or until you manage to befriend your own personal Bulgarian expat) you'll have to source your L. bulgaricus some other way. We notice there is one efficient (and vegan!) source called ProViotic, which recently became available at Juice Press locations around NYC.

Maybe we should also add dark-chocolate Bulgarian yogurt to our list for R&D projects?