A Landmark Occasion!

So, Monday happens to be National Milk Chocolate Day, which is wonderful and fun! But we hope you'll understand why we're more excited about something else:

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission just approved Voilà Chocolat's application to construct our store at 221 West 79th Street.

After many months of mutual effort and collaboration, this is a significant milestone -- oops, we mean "landmark occasion" -- that brings us closer to throwing open our doors and sharing the joy of chocolatiering with the world.

Winning LPC approval is all part of the privilege and responsibility of getting to have a store in a New York City LPC-designated historic district. Soon, we will begin building in a way that helps preserve NYC's architectural history. As chocolatiers, we appreciate creative expression and authenticity, whether it's made of bricks or cacao. 

Now, we shift to securing construction permits from the NYC Department of Buildings. Which makes this "landmark occasion" kind of like milk chocolate: it's delicious, and we're happy to share it with our friends and fans, but there is more to come that will be even better...

We hope you will indulge in a square or two of fine milk chocolate -- especially on its official date of July 28 -- as we celebrate our small, sweet victory!

Our future place in the world