Voilà Chocolat classes

Chocolate 101 for Kids

You love chocolate! But do you know where it comes from? How it is made? What’s the difference between milk, white or dark chocolate? Or between 64% and 72% and 100%?

Join us every Tuesday from 4-5 pm to find out! Ticket price is only $5 per student (before taxes and fees).

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Learn the basics about the origins, the production process, and the chemistry of chocolate in this fun, interactive educational class at Voilà Chocolat. Ever wonder how your favorite indulgence was discovered and how it is made? What is the difference between cacao, cocoa and chocolate? Or between different percentages and varieties?

Find out how chocolate is manufactured; which countries play a major role in the production and consumption of cacao and chocolate; and who are the people who bring you this most delicious creation from far-away places to your favorite chocolate store. Sample different percentages of milk, dark and white chocolate, and even taste pure cacao for the first time.

Take home a handy 1-page summary that illustrates the fascinating step-by-step process of growing, processing, manufacturing and crafting that transforms cacao into chocolate and artisanal confections. And most importantly, walk away with a new level of knowledge and appreciation for the science, craftsmanship and artistry that is behind the high-quality, responsibly sourced chocolate you can make and enjoy at Voilà Chocolat.