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Straight from the private recipes of our Master Chocolatier

Spicy Margarita Truffle Recipe

Ganache Filling:

* 140 g. The Perfect Purée Chipotle Sour

* 2 g. Chipotle spice

* 68 g. Heavy cream

* 10 g. Glucose

* 10 g. sorbitol

* 260 g. Guittard Chocolate - Soleil d'Or 38% - Milk

* 80 g. Guittard Chocolate - Etoile du Nord 64%

* 52 g. Butter



1. Warm Chipotle sour puree, chipotle spice, heavy cream, glucose and sorbitol at 34-36°C. (93.2-96.8°F).

2. Pour liquid mixture over both pre-crystallised chocolates and butter.

3. Create an emulsion using immersion blender or Robot Coupe.

4. Immediately fill the milk truffle shells.

5. Half-fill the pipettes with Tequila AHA TORO Artesanal and push them in the truffle still open.

6. Dip into milk chocolate.

7. Garnish immediately with Cyprus flake sea salt and cocoa sugar.


Yield:  Approximately 75 pieces.